GM Chevy Volt Production Halted for Five Weeks, Starting March 19

General Motors has suspended production of the Chevy Volt for five weeks, starting March 19. The company was forced to take such an action following the lag in demand for Chevy Volt compared to its production.

However, it remains a fact that General Motors achieved wonderful overall sales during February, far better than the company’s estimates.

But, taking individual statistics into consideration, the Volt has performed below its expected level. Halting its production has put disappointment in the faces of thousands of employees.

General Motors will shut down its assembling unit Detroit-Hamtramck from March 19 to April 23. It is estimated that there are as many as 1300 workers employed at the plant. For them, the coming days are those of austerity.

Very recently, Volt had acquired the nod for driving through carpool lanes inCaliforniaafter the company took care of battery related malfunctioning and unwanted firing in casings. Now the car has been made safer than conventional gasoline automobiles, besides being greener.

Another fact that could raise preference for Volt over other models is imminent increase in gasoline prices. EPA fuel efficiency ratings for the vehicle used on the highway is 40 mpg whereas, in the city it is 35 mpg. Hence there is a good scope for electric cars offering an official EPA rating of 94 mpg.

The Volt comes with price tag of $40,000, which is little huge compared to other models. Also, there are more fuel efficient models available for lesser cost. These could be the factors that chocked the sales of this model.

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