Fruits and Vegetables Can Make Your Skin Glow

Want to look beautiful and younger forever? No don’t go for those chemicals as yet. We mean there is no need to put on those costly make-ups or go for cosmetic treatments. All you need to do is just add more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Scientists at the School of Psychology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have found that nothing helps to make your skin glow that a regular diet of fruits and vegetables.

As part of their research, they included 35 participants over a six week period to study the phenomenon. The team of scientists studied the intake of fruits and vegetables by their participants over the period of study.

After six weeks, they found the skin color of the participants getting a glow with the consumption of foods and vegetables.

According to the research team, plants contain an organic pigment called Carotenoids and with the consumption of vegetables, these pigments get distributed to the skin surface. That explains why the intake of vegetables and fruits enhances the glow of your skin.

In an another study, it was also found that consuming food and veggies over a six week period can also improve the health and attractiveness of the skin.

Don’t you think it’s high time that you all start adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet so that a more healthy glowing skin adds to your confidence?


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