Forget Batteries; Solio Can light Up Your Nights with Solar power

Popular developer of battery packs and solar chargers, Solio, has launched its newest product, ‘CLIP-MINI’.  It is the first in a series of rechargeable lighting products from the innovative brand. The CLIP-MINI allows users to harness clean energy of the sun or optionally the wall, to keep light burning all through the night.

With an integrated rechargeable battery, the CLIP-MINI uses the power of the sun to keep its battery charged up. When the sun goes down, recharging the CLIP-MINI can be done by plugging it into the wall via the included USB charging cable. With five illumination modes: 100%, 50%, 10%, Flashing and SOS, the CLIP-MINI is ready for multiple situations.

The CLIP-MINI’s high quality battery stores power for up to a year and so it will be ready to go whenever the user wants it to. Paired with a Solio BOLT, the user can charge his CLIP-MINI from the sun even quicker.

The CLIP-MINI is compact and of course versatile. It can be easily clipped onto any bag or pack with the built in hook. Sliding down the red filter can soften the CLIP-MINI’s beam. When in flashing mode, the diffuser can even turn the CLIP-MINI into a bike safety light.

Technically, it includes 4 white LED bulbs providing a maximum light output of 8.4 lumens. It takes 5-7 hours via solar to charge up its internal batteries.

By way of USB charging, it takes only an hour for a full charge. A fully charged CLIP-MINI can give the user 3 hours of light in 100% mode, 9 hours of light in 50% mode, 33 hours of light in 10% mode.

This amazing yet handy device comes with a Micro USB to USB cable – for charging the CLIP-MINI via USB port or the wall.

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