Fabulous Jewelry Designs from Garbage; Recycling Treads the Fashion Line

Have you ever imagined that garbage can be fashionable? Milan-based designer Eliana Venier has thought on those lines, indeed. She has created wonderful pieces of jewelry named Alienina from industrial scrap. The collection she has created has bourn out of rubber tubing, fabric cord and sun shades, all of them were recycled to make fascinating jewelry.

According to the designer, her supplies are from different places and from discarded materials. She visited textile shops to old warehouses and even flea markets to collect raw materials. The most significant aspect about her new designs is that her raw materials were picked from every part of the world.

Stores like Anthropologie have started supplying her necklaces on their virtual and retail shelves. Fashionistas have begun to shop foe her delicate, industrial but very feminine jewelry collection. With their fabulous designs,  the jewelry line presents a new aspect of fashion.

Unique and useful for those who are bored of enormous fashion stuff, the new collection aims at inspiring people in discovering new items and new functions for otherwise dump-worthy stuff.


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