ECOmove Bags Frost & Sullivan’s 2012 European EV Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award

We all know ECOmove, the Danish EV concept developer and manufacturer, is close to launching its innovative e-car QBEAK. In the midst of all that excitement, the company has now found itself in joyous terrain by bagging the ‘2012 European Electric Vehicles Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award’.

ECOmove will officially be accepting the Award at the 2012 Excellence in Best Practices Awards Banquet in the beginning of May inLondon. ECOmove would receive the award for the highest ratings of the companies under evaluation.

The Danish major and other competitors were measured of five criterions, namely Experience and Expertise of Management Team, Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Service and Maintenance, Market Growth and Positioning and Product Differentiation Capabilities.

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practice Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. According Mogens Lokke, CEO, ECOmove:

“Receiving such an internationally recognized and fine award is a great honor to us and it will enable us to promote our technology and the QBEAK-car to a number of international stakeholders and future collaboration partners and affiliates. We have great expectations for this because it enhances the qualities of our team, our product and the sustainable competitive advantages which the Q-BEAK car and the technology represent”.

The company has stated that it will launch the QBEAK-EV in 2012, and the expectations are big. ECOmove’s QBEAK-car will be one of the most affordable, individual, flexible, sustainable and easy to drive and park EV without compromising safety or reliability.

The QBEAK-car is made from non-corrosive materials resulting in a robust car with a weight of around 400 kg and even with batteries for a range of 200 km the weight is about half or less compared to other cars in the same category.

With a length of just 3 m it is a handy city car designed to fit the needs of both private and professionals with its 1-6 removable seats or a large trunk (possibly to fit a Euro-pallet in the trunk with 3 seats).

The car is also flexible in terms of interior and exterior design and finish whilst the batteries are in removable modules (from 1-6 modules) allowing a driving range of up to 300 km. Energi Horsens Fonden and Ostjysk Innovation have invested in ECOmove and provide ECOmove with capital and network. Hats off, guys!

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