Eco-Friendly Party Shoes to Add to Your Charm

Haven’t you always wanted to mix fashion with green? The next time you are invited to a party, try and be eco- friendly as far as you can.  Okay, let’s try and help with some green footwear that could be ideal for your dazzling party. Here goes a list, put together by folks at Treehugger.

Stella McCartney: Lomax Satin High Heel Sandal

These stylish high heel sandals will perfectly suit your feet and wallet. Available in vibrant colors with two tone satin d’Orsay, they are fully eco friendly and are made with soft quilted insole. Heels are made of semi-transparent acrylic. You can pick party sandals at for $1,025 at

Olsen Haus: Grace

Preferable for those who love mid-heels. The gold and silver zig-zags on these shoes bring to mind the ikat patterns. Made with 100% eco-friendly materials, they are cruelty-free (no animal skin was used). Want to wear them? Head for and own them for  $230.

Nael Coce: Ambi Platform

Wondering about the design? This particular shoe design contains two shoes in one – flat and a high heel, to be precise. The flat fits comfortably inside the high heel shoe. If you want to wear them separately, that’s also possible. You can also shed the heels if your toe starts to ache. The upper and inner shoes are made from eco –friendly materials. Highly porous materials have been used in the making of the insole. It also features odor resistant properties and antibacterial functions. (Available for $70

Beyond Skin: Jesse

If you like wearing flat shoes, these would perfectly suit you. These flat sensible shoes are made from 100% recycled PET faux suede. With a 1-cm heel, they come with a resin soul and are handmade in Spain. Available at Beyond Skin for $95.00, for around $187.

 Hearts of Darkness: Bounty Ankle-Strap Wedge

These shoes come with a yellow lining and ankle strap combined with black components. The sandals contain a manmade sole produced in China with completely eco-friendly materials. Buy your pair for $150 at

Beyond Skin: Azura

With shine straps and elegance these sandals possess 4-inch heels. The knot detail, padded insoles and flexible soles, as well as the breathable faux leather are the other features. Completely cruelty-free, these beautiful sandals are handmade in Spain. You can own them $234 at

Neuaura: Clove-Tea

Chocolate hued, the pair would perfectly suit your brown dress. Retro-styled but attractive, the shoes come with rubber sole and 2.5 inch heels. Neuaura is made with eco friendly material. Click to buy these shoes for $110.


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