Eco-friendly Outdoor Gym in South Africa to Have Nature as Fitness Companion

Think gym, and you get the picture of a large room with conventional fitness equipment. It isn’t so for guys at Johannesburg City Park, in South Africa. The Johannesburg City Park is all set to launch an eco-friendly outdoor gym. A joint effort by Petrus Molefe Eco Park and Green Outdoor guys, the green gym is the result of their vision to make an outdoor workout experience accessible to families in the locality. The best part is that residents can use this eco-friendly gym for free.

[Pic: Ladybootcamps)

The creators of the eco-friendly outdoor gym will make sure that natural surroundings will be used for workout. The equipment would include items like ropes, balls and the like. In a bid to add more fun during fitness exercises, they encourage users of the gym to play games like net ball, soccer and even chasing each other.

The main advantage of using an outdoor gym is that you can enjoy the nature in its true form. You can share the rejuvenating fresh air with your family and friends.

Among the exercises suggested is Wall Sit, where you just need to find a wall and sit with your back to it. Keep your legs bent in 90 degrees, back straight and tummy in and hold for some time.

Another suggestion is to find an embankment and step up and down alternating your legs with different speed and height.

A Tree Push Up is also recommended. Do you live close to the Johannesburg City Park by any chance?

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