Eco-Friendly Crematorium Offers a Way to Give Back to the Planet that Gave You So Much [Video]

How about giving back to Planet Earth at the time of death? Yes, you now have an opportunity to give something back to nature at least when you bid goodbye to your life in this world. A Charleston mortuary has introduced green burial options, and that is what we are talking about here.

Charleston is the second largest city in the US state of South Carolina. The J Henry Stuhr Funeral Chapels and Crematories has revealed their first green funeral chapel, and it indeed is worth an applause.

Here, at this crematorium, dead bodies never go embalmed, and instead they make use of use of biodegradable burial containers so as to ensure eco-friendliness at the time of burial.

Three options are offered for a green burial. You can choose a straw coffin sized basket, or wooden slab draped with a shroud. The third option would be to choose one of those sea-salt urns they offer.

We hearCharlestonfamilies are to travel to Eastover orWestminsterin case of the need for a cremation as there are no approved green burial cemeteries inCharleston. Now that the J Henry Stuhr Funeral Chapels and Crematories has come up with this new option, things are bound to change.

According to the managing director of Stuhr, people choose this crematorium because they think it is an eco friendly option. Good thought, indeed. Don’t you also think so?

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