Bring Back the Birds by Gifting Them Living Spaces

Ever wondered why there has been a sharp decline in natural bird nests around us, of late? Blame it all on the rising population and climate changes. The changing scenario around us have forced natural nest sites for birds to disappear. With forest and trees being cut down and the cities expanding like never before, the bird population has been forced to move toward more serene surroundings to roost.

The changes destroyed the natural habitats for animals and the birds.  Birds usually depend on the tree holes, which are now disappearing due to the massive cutting down of the trees.

Such actions have reduced the population of birds all over. Efforts to bring back the birds have been on in the UK since 1977, with the National Nest Box week being observed year after year. The initiative has helped install around 5-6 million boxes in gardens across the country.

Besides, different types of Nest boxes are available in market. They are available in different colors and in different shapes. These modernist bird homes are made from red wood, bamboo and even from vine boxes and are eco friendly too.

If you are also planning to place a bird house in your garden, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Watch the height of the nest, the spot you want to place it and then the direction and angle of its position. Before buying a nest house check out the material with which it is made so that your feathered friends would call it a home.

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