Awesome Solar Laptop Chargers: Which One Would You Pick?

It’s a competitive market out there and to survive the tide, every product needs to boast quality as well as a reasonable price. But the most important thing is of course applicability. Keeping this in mind, many solar laptop chargers companies are now flourishing in the world markets with their innovative products. Most of them provide excellent output, but everyone can’t be the winner. We  stumbled upon a bunch of awesome creations in the terrain. Take a look.

Goal Zero Sherpa 120 Adventure Kit

Light and compact, this 27 watt charger costs just around $670. The product features a foldable solar panel and a battery pack that runs at 17-18% efficiency.  The 120Wh power pack can charge a laptop to full 2-3 times before requiring a self charge.

Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger

Priced at $459 and sporting a power rating of 15 watts, this product is an absolute delight. It uses high-efficiency cells and includes a battery pack custom-designed to efficiently charge from solar power. It will also charge cell phones, tablets cameras, and most other hand held electronics. Mac Books require an optional MagSafe adapter.

Solaris 62

Converting sunlight directly into 12V electricity by utilizing CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide), it is the most efficient thin film solar technology available in the market currently. Priced at $1380 and with a power rating of 62 watts, this product maximizes performance while optimizing portability.

Weekender SW Complete Solar and Inverter System

The Weekender SW kit is designed for anyone who would like the benefit of solar power to charge their batteries, and the ability to use AC appliances when there is no utility power available. The kit is excellent for weekend and long weekend trips, and is expandable by adding up to two GP-RV-125E expansion kits (each sold separately). This allows you to take advantage of available sunlight for faster charging and added capacity. The device recommends at least a 200 Ampere hour battery bank for the Weekender SW kit. Prices at around $1816, it has a power rating of 125 watts.

Duracell Solar Laptop Charger and kit

With a 25-watt foldable solar panel along with a Duracell Power pack 300, this product can supply a power up to 300 watts and can power up a 25 watt laptop for up to 3 hours. Considering the weight, this product may seem a little heavy with 16 pounds in total.

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