Ashley Judd Has Her Heart Tuned Towards Nature

Adding to her activities aimed at making the earth greener, actress and activist Ashley Judd seems to be focusing more on her work as a member of board of directors at Defenders of Wildlife. The organization, as you all know, works to put a stop to the ill effects of global climate change.

Judd will be seen in the TV series Missing, where she plays Becca Winston, a CIA operative who puts her experience to use in trying to find and rescue her kidnapped son.

The interesting aspect about the shoot is that as expenses rode high, she and the crew have decided to get all their scripts electronically so as to reduce the usage of paper.

A lover of nature, Ashley has time and again made know her love for nature and prefers to live away from the din and bustle of the city. She now lives with her husband Dario Franchitti, a race car driver, and two dogs and five cats.

The daily walk to the countryside is something that brings her joy day after day, and that’s something she loves about her life away from the city in rural Tennessee.

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