Apple iPad 3: Bane or Boon for the Environment?

iFixit’s tearing apart ceremony of iPad 3 has been discussed over and over again, and the result is a little disappointing to environmental activists and green technologists. Folks at iFixit have declared that the device is quite difficult to repair and recycle, and has come as a contradiction to Apple’s motto of creating green products.

Soon after completing surgical procedure, Kyle Wiens – CEO of iFixit – said the iPad 3 scored just a lowly 2 on a scale of 10, measuring repairability. He said “While the new iPad’s design is essentially the same as the iPad 2, which we gave a repair-ability score of 4.”

He continued: “The adhesive on the front glass is extremely difficult to remove without damaging the glass, making repair and end-of-life recycling very difficult. Therefore, we are awarding the new iPad an abysmal 2 out of 10, and retroactively dropping the repair-ability score of the iPad 2 to a 2 as well.”

Although the device is spectacular from technological point of view, the new iPad doesn’t warrant any point on environment cause. The difficulty in repair imparts a black mark on devices reputation as far as recyclability being concerned. Though it’s repairable it is difficult to work on.

The disposal of the third generation of iPad is the most discussed topic by environmentalists soon after the release of test result. It is a potential source to hazardous e-waste, which has become the No. 1 menace on contemporary world.

In this conflicting situation, would you stand by Apple or oppose it?

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