Anjelica Huston Not to Work in Projects that Treat Animals with Disdain

Smash star Anjelica Huston is an angry woman. Going by a recent interview with on CNN, the Academy Award winner went furious over the ethics behind using animals for entertainment purposes. A renowned animal lover and advocate for animal rights, Anjelica had recently campaigned against the Career builder’s super bowl ads for featuring chimpanzees.

She had then wrote to Matt Ferguson the CEO of Career builder’s to stop the use of chimpanzees on their advertisements.  She was also a part of many campaigns done by PETA.

This actress, however, is not completely against of using animals in front of the camera.  According to her, if animals were used in shooting that should be done with due respect and care for them.

She admitted that she had seen much bad behavior to animals and whenever she saw something that hurts, she preferred to simply quit that work. Once inItaly, while doing a project she saw such rudeness to animals on the set and spontaneously reacted in support for the animals.

She has also made a declaration that if there is any bad behavior is happening with animals on her projects, then she will not work in them.

It’s good to see such celebrities taking such a strong stance and supporting the activities initiated by animal lovers worldwide. Good job, Anjelica.


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