Amazing Eco-friendly Hotels for a Splendid Green Vacation

In the past, it was believed that eco and amazing never go hand in hand. With eco-friendliness now turning out to be the norm, more resort and hotel owners are increasingly injecting the luxury element so as to bring about a welcome combo that would lure travelers from all over. Here we have a set of eight eco-friendly hotels that have started serving green and luxury on a platter. These hotels from all over the world offer you everything from luxury, fun, peace, adventure, relaxation – all in an an eco-friendly ambience. Take a look.

Vigilus Mountain Resort, South Tyrol, Italy

Want to detach yourself from the outside world? Here is a perfect destination for you in the Dolmite Mountains ranges in South Tyrol – The Vigilus Mountain Resort. You can access this resort only by a cable car (during the summer months by foot). This property’s natural surroundings have influenced the architect Matteo Thun and he has strived to preserve it.

The resort is build with 100-year-old larches. With large windows and balconies you can get a perfect view of the mountain ranges yonder. For energy conversation they used a grass covered roof and materials like clay, glass, stone and linen for inside facility.

Plenty of activities like archery, hiking, mountain biking, nordic walking, skiing or crossing are also provided by this resort. Further, spa and yoga classes are also offered.

White Pod, Le Cerniers, Switzerland

The White Pod is a ski estate with private slopes and two private lifts in the heart of the Swiss Alps. As a member of Eco Luxury, White pod offers sustainable tourism. At White Pod, 15 dome-shaped tents have been built on wooden platforms. Each bedroom is equipped with a woodstove, luxurious organic bedding, a private bathroom, and a deck to enjoy the view.

At Whitepod, you can enjoy skiing, paragliding, and other activities. In addition to all these a wooden cottage is located in the middle of Whitepod estate, which include a Swiss restaurant and a spa. This cottage was built in 1800s. In order to blend with nature in summer season the domes are covered in green and in winter with a white canvas.

Adrere Amellal, Cairo

Looking for a quiet traditional destination for your vacation?  We have something to tell you about – the  Adrère Amellal in  Cairo. Everything is so natural and perfect here like in a sanctuary. The main attention of this eco-hotel are the hand-built rooms constructed with palm, mud and rock salt which gives the views of Siwa Lake and Sahara desert.

The hotel depends completely on solar energy and electricity is banned. You can use the beeswax candles, oil lamps and, of course, the desert sky light is always there for you. You don’t feel primitive with the Roman pool, which is a rarity.

Crosby Street Hotel, New York 

This eco hotel is located in the heart ofNew York City’sSoHo. The city is known for its cobbled streets, eclectic eateries, and wonderful shopping. The LEED Gold certified Crosby Street Hotel is located right in the middle of the city with beautiful landscaping. Almost 61% of the hotel space is open. A hotel garden with 50 varieties of native plants and a kitchen garden on the 12th floor are the main attractions of this eco-friendly hotel.

The hotel restaurant uses vegetables from this urban vegetable land, which includes everything from melons and blueberries to tomatoes and herbs.

There is also a Tudor style chicken coop on the top which houses four Araucana chicken. Art lovers can also enjoy a new film every week at the film club of this hotel.

Paradise Bay Eco Resort, Queensland

This eco-friendly resort is located in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands in Australia. Here they try and maintain the awesome vacation experience without damaging the nature. By removing all the non native plants they have encouraged the growth of native vegetation. You can also see dolphins, turtles, hump back whales, soft and hard corals, dozens of species of birds, butterflies, tropical fish, goannas and wallabies in this resort.

This hotel depends on solar energy which powers 85% of the resort, including the kitchen. The hotel management also found time to educate their visitors about the working of the hotel, including that of the solar field, solar hot water heaters, waste water treatment, and much more through their “Behind the scenes” tour.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Want to spend your vacation in a tree house with full of excitement? This sporty dream hotel in Sweden welcomes you and your family for some exciting adventure. Sporting modern designs and strict ecological values, the resort has room that look different from each other. You can get a perfect view of the Lule river Valley from each room.

The bathrooms in the tree houses boast plenty of water supply. Each room contains a combustion toilet, where waste from the toilet is burned by using electricity at 600 degree Celsius. Ultimately eco-friendly and odorless, the tree houses stand tall with their unique and modern design.

Magic Mountain Lodge, Patagonia, Chile

Huilo Huilo, which is known as the Biological Reserve at South of the World, is a private and protected area in the middle of the beautiful Andes Mountain Range in Patagonia, Chile. The Magic Mountain Lodge is located in this paradise, which boasts biological diversity and a natural forest around.

The visitors should slide or glide into the lodge by way of a suspended rope bridge. A cascade of water running from the cone shaped green roof welcomes the visitors. You can enjoy seasonal changes inside the forest. The inside of theMagicMountainlooks as though you are staying inside a tree with gnarled, native wood.

This Magic Mountain includes a mini golf court and a “kids club” playroom, which make the destination family-friendly. Adults can enjoy the spa, bar, a sauna, and soaking tubs in ancient tree trunks with naturally heated water.

Hotel Terra, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This new generation hotel is located less than a mile from Grand Teton National Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With energy efficient heating and cooling systems, energy star approved windows and water conservation systems they got the Silver LEED certification.

A range of recycled materials have been used in this hotel. Recycled seat belts have been transformed for use in elevators as well as chairs. The roof is made from 100% recycled eco-shake pebbles.

The reclaimed wood on lobby pillars, reused pickle barrel tops on balconies and the recycled glass on bathroom countertops – everything is so perfectly recycled and used.

Even the bathroom soap dishes are made from recycled skyscraper glass. Another amazing fact about this hotel is that 90% of the hotel interiors capture natural daylight. No wonder this hotel won many awards for its eco-friendly atmosphere.

Now, tell us which one of these amazing green hotels  would you  want to include in your travel itinerary for the next vacations.

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