2oo Animals from 50 Different Species Rescued from Traffickers and Set Free

In a major initiative to save animals in the wild, the Thai Nature Crime Police and the Department of National Parks, Wildlife & Plant Conservation (DNP) have managed to set free around 200 animals from the clutches of wildlife traffickers.  The animals include 5 tigers, 13 white lions, three pumas, three kangaroos, four flamingos, two crowned cranes, 66 marmosets, two orangutans, and two red pandas. These 200 animals are from 50 different species.

 We get to know that this is the largest haul of illegal wildlife and they have been rescued from what is known as a virtual Noah’s Ark. As many as 3 suspects were arrested in the raid.

The authorities revealed that the culprits don’t possess any permit or license to keep these endangered species. They were charged with the law of protecting species under CITES.

It is a known fact that the wildlife mafia works all over the world, and they import animals from countries like Africa, Canada and from Asian countries. The animals are then bred for sale in the international market. Many of the animals fall under the endangered category and have huge demand in the international market.

The latest raid in Thailand has been conducted with the help of Freeland Foundation, an anti-trafficking NGO. During the last month, a similar raid was conducted inBangkokand animals like zebra, elephants and lions were rescued. These animals were killed for meat and to make trophy mounts.

Would you approve of such heinous attitudes against the animals in the wild and around you?

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