Want to Prevent Crime and Zombie Attacks? Get Some Plants Around You! [Videos]

You already know that plants give us the oxygen we breathe in and help in regulating the climate. But what the latest researches in Japan and the US have found now is that you will soon be able to use plants to fight crimes and keep away zombies as well. OMG!!!

A video, created by Grower Talks, posted online to promote America in Bloom’s Discover Plants program hopes to get people to look at plants in a different vein. Plants provide mankind with food, medicine, shelter, and much more, while also offering habitat for all kinds of creatures and keeping the environment green.

Every day, healthy landscapes produce oxygen that everyone breathe, use CO2 and sequester carbon. They even make cities cooler while removing pollutants from the air.

The message Grower wants everyone to know is that, whether it’s providing food, cleaning the air or simply giving you pleasure, every hour of every day, plants are working hard to make you life better.

According to what we see in the video, studies from both theUSand Japan show that plants can also reduce crime by as much as 80%. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

A plant also keeps everyone healthy by purifying the atmosphere. This is because, plant-filled rooms contain 50-60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants.

Though there haven’t been any cases of zombie attacks lately, plants do tend to ward off zombies and there you go; you do get yet another advantage for growing plants. The second video from Lancaster Farms will tell you more on that.

Agree or not, is a different question. But no harm in planting as many saplings as you can. Get going!

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