Volcanic Heat Proves Superb Grill at El Diablo [Video]

Ever wondered how chicken would taste on a grill placed on the mouth of a volcano? We aren’t  kidding, for sure. Though it sounds bizarre, something of that sort is actually happening. A restaurant named El Diablo,Timanfaya National Park on Lanzarote, a Spanish rocky island northwest of Morocco, is actually serving guests volcano grilled meat. Still not able to believe what we are saying? Read on:

The El Diablo, functioning since 1970, rests on a volcano and serves chicken cooked over volcanic heat. Don’t be panic. It is not that kind of lava or fire emitting volcano. The last eruption was way back in the year 1824 and at the moment it is dormant.

But the heat still emits from the volcano, and the guys at El Diablo thought it would prove helpful in getting food cooked.

This volcanic cooking restaurant and its surroundings have now turned a main attraction among tourists visiting the region.

Due to the underground heat it is impossible to build a conventional foundation for this cooking grill.

Therefore architects Cesar Manrique, Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto used nine layers of volcanic basalt rock to form the cooking pit. And, see what they have made.

Hit the play button below and tell us if it isn’t an awesome concept.

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