Time for a 20-year Storm? Disasters are Just Waiting to Happen

Climate change doesn’t simply mean the days are getting hotter and it won’t rain when it’s supposed. The bigger picture tells us it means storms like Hurricane Irene could occur every 3 to 20 years. Yes, the same Irene which wreaked havoc along the Eastern seabed. Irene and the flood caused by it were considered as a 100-year event before. A team of scientists from MIT and Princeton University have done a study and found that such disasters could be more frequent.

They utilized hurricane simulators to determine with what frequency powerful storms could lead to flooding under a variety of climate model projections.

Floods resulting from powerful storms like the Irene cause large scale damage to life and property, not to mention roads and bridges which withstood centuries of strong weather.

In light of these new findings on the increasing frequency of powerful storms, MIT researcher Ning Lin says when you design your buildings or dams or structures on the coast, you have to know how high your seawall has to be. You have to decide whether to build a seawall to prevent being flooded every 20 years.

Hold on; climate change is not the only potential reason for storms causing human misery. It is said that tropical cyclones will cause more than four times the damage in 2100 than they do today, increasing from $26 billion to $109 billion.

You want to know why? Because of rapidly increasing human population, coupled with development along flood-vulnerable coastal regions!

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