Tesla Model X Crossover EV Gears Up to Hit the Tarmac [Video]

These days, automakers are more into electric cars – ok at least a handful of them are into electric models. The latest e-car unwrapped is the Tesla Model X crossover, and this all-electric vehicle was introduced at the Tesla Design Studios in Hawthorne by the company’s co-founder Elon Musk. Though the sedan was shown, the massive production will start only in 2013.

In the event, Musk unveiled a CUV with falcon-wing doors that are identical to those seen in the old gull-wing vehicles. The doors with a bend in the middle can be opened in tight spaces thereby contributing more access to the rear and third row of seats.

The Model X is likely to be priced similar to the $57,500 Model S that will launch this summer. This large spaced sedan having a seating capacity of “seven real adults” is powered by two electric motors. The power is instantly transferred from the front and back motors to maximize traction. The turning radius of the CUV is similar to that of the Mini Cooper.

The Model X is more spacious than a minivan, more stylish than an SUV and more powerful than a sports car in performance.

The vehicle with no internal combustion engine features considerable rear cargo space behind the third row of seats and a frunk in the car’s front with same storage space as of an Audi Q7’s rear cargo area.

The Model X is now open for online reservations, and the company is planning to produce units ranging between 10,000 and 15,000 by the start of 2014.

Are you willing to wait? In the meantime, hit play below to watch the unveiling.

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