Self Proclaimed Animal Activist Turns Animalistic

Meredith Lowell, 27, of Cleveland Heights, a self-proclaimed animal rights activist has been charged with soliciting a hit man to kill a random person wearing fur, either by shooting the individual or slitting his or her throat. She is accused of creating a phony Facebook profile with the intention of contacting a would-be killer, according to an affidavit filed in an Ohio district court.

Posing as a woman named Anne Lowery, Lowell said in a Facebook post late last year that she wanted to create an online community to find a person willing to kill someone wearing fur, according to an FBI affidavit.

After the FBI learned of the site in November, an FBI agent posing as a hit man began exchanging emails with “Lowery.” He identified her asLowelland determined she used computers at a library near her house for the postings and emails.

Lowellsaid she wanted to meet the hit man at the library near her house and expressed disbelief in one exchange that she could be arrested for soliciting a murder over the Internet.

Lowellsaid in the exchanges she wanted to be present at the killing to hand out papers about the fur industry and at one point compared her fight to that ofU.S.civil rights activist Rosa Parks.

Lowellsaid she had complained to local police about the fur industry and against a new Cleveland Aquarium, writing that it was wrong to take animals against their will and put them in the equivalent of a bath tub.

Eventually, Lowell wrote she wanted the killing to take place in a library near her home, across from a playground, and told the agent she did not have the money promised, but did have some gold jewelry.

She eventually moved the hit to October 2012 and offered the agent $100 plus her jewellery to do the job. She insisted the hit man shouldn’t harm anyone that she or her family knows as it may feel awkward for her.

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