Psychedelic Cathedral Fashioned with 55,000 LED Lights [Video]

These days, energy conservation has great importance as the world seems to have realized that a crisis is looming. And, with illuminations turning to be an unavoidable part of festive occasions, the need of the hour has turned focus towards energy-efficient LEDs. They, in fact, are being seen as a perfect solution for lighting up buildings and roads, with not much harm to the environment.

The stunning cathedral of psychedelically-colored lights was one major attraction atBelgium’s Festival of Lights, Part of Ghent. In the festival that opened in late January, the beautiful church was decorated with energy-efficient 55,000 LEDs.

The arcade and pillars of the cathedral brightly illuminated with the LED lights brought to visitors an astounding feeling.

The magnificent structure, named after the Italian family “Luminarie De Cagna” is stylistically sculptured in the manner of Romanesque church architecture.

The Italian business company which has been illuminating buildings and squares with oil and carbide lamps had switched to LEDs in 2006. They now light up the streets and squares by bringing in large curtains of light based on building structures and other objects in the area.

The currently used LEDs consume only 20 kWh of electricity, which is much lower than the normal illuminating lights.

Meanwhile, the city of Ghent features an energy-reducing “Light Plan” that gradually targets the lessening of “rational consumption of energy” by these light installations in the each year for at least the public works.

We hope the decade-long festival which attracts thousands of people and draws a good amount of dollars from the visitors will continue to use better energy-efficient lights in the future too.

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