Portman and Millepied Sport Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings at the Oscars

Portman’s appearance with fiancé Benjamin Millepied on the red carpet at the Oscars wasn’t supposed to be extraordinary, except for one very small yet very expensive detail. The two were wearing wedding rings, though no one knew they got married.

It has been reported that jeweler Jamie Wolf, who is Millepied’s dance buddy, confirmed that she designed the pair’s wedding rings. The rings they wore to the 2012 Academy Awards appeared to be a quiet way of announcing that marriage at the Oscars on Sunday evening.

Wolf created two diamond rings for the 2011 Oscar winner, made to fit on either side of Portman’s engagement ring, and a platinum band for Millepied.

Wnder why we are writing about it here? Yeah, both rings were eco-friendly and have been made with recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds.

Wolf had designed Portman’s engagement ring too. The ring, made of recycled platinum and featuring certified conflict-free stones, was designed to fit in with Portman’s earth-friendly and vegan lifestyle.

Portman’s manager did not respond to the request for confirmation or comment on the marriage reports. Portman, 30, met the 34-year-old choreographer and dancer while filming Black Swan.

They had announced their engagement in December 2010 and their first child, son Aleph, was born in June last year.

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