Montreal Fashion Event Inspired by Trash-Worthy Stuff

O.N.E, or Outfits from a New Era, the fashion exhibition organized at the Biosphere Environmental Museum in Montreal, is one event we just love. The expo showcases 16 outfits fashioned from mass consumption products. Accompanied by art videos and soundtracks taken from the Canadian music scene, these unique creations present car parts, batteries, salmon skins, electronic waste and other cast-offs from our society in a whole new light!

Public figures, such as Robert Lepage, George Stroumboulopoulos, Julie Payette and Guy A. Lepage, have accepted to autograph a waste-object used in each creation.

The end result of the collaborative efforts from the artists is a collection of some of the most fanciful and innovative dresses, and one swimsuit, made of everything from car parts, to shotgun shells.

While the gowns are without a doubt breathtaking, the accompanying videos act as informative windows into the environmental implications of the waste we generate yearly and they serve as a stern reminder that we must urgently pull the brake on hyper-consumerism and begin discarding of unwanted goods more intelligently for the sake of our planet, and our survival. This is one mesmerizing but also thought-provoking exhibit.

The designs are so gorgeous that everyone who sees them falls in love with it. The designs are classified into Light Flow, Bag Garment, Bullet Dress, Mermaid Skin, Dress the Part, Pillbox Dress, Charlestea, Scanty Attire, Hairdress, Chapter Ten: Words & Wonder, Haute Couture 2.0, Caustic Swimsuit, Hit Parade, WFA – With Fixed Address, Plush Empress, Grand Design.

In short, fashion can act as an awareness tool to evoke the feeling of environmental protection.

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