Light Bulb Recycling Gets Pumped Up

Revend Recycling Ltd, aUKcorporation, has announced the joint launch of an innovative reverse vending recycling machine for the collection and recycling of domestic light bulbs and domestic batteries.  The reverse vending recycling machine is the first domestic light bulb reverse vending recycling machine of its type in the World and has been jointly designed and developed by ReVend Recycling and Repant.

The ReVend Light Bulb Recycling Reverse Vending Machine accepts all domestic light bulbs. Each participating light bulb is recognized by the latest Video Recognition System.

The recycler is guided through the simple process by an exciting touch screen menu. The user then receives a reward incentive voucher, automatically dispensed by the machine.

The touch screen enables the user to choose from a large selection of different rewards, the user may even choose to donate to charity. Safety is the main feature of this machine with an automated soft drop system to safely collect and lower the light bulbs into a special collection container and an onboard mercury fume extractor and mercury fume filter to remove any mercury fumes.

The machine also has an add-on unit, as an option, for the collection and recycling of domestic batteries which contain some valuable and scarce natural mineral resources.

The unique reverse vending recycling machine is based on the innovative technology from REPANT COSMOS reverse vending recycling machine that is used to recycle beverage containers, cans and bottles.

ReVend Recycling recently concluded a supply agreement with IKEA of Sweden, a leading international retailer, and has installed a significant number of machines in several IKEA stores throughout Europe, including the UK,Germany, and Denmark.

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