Infiniti Emerg-E to be Showcased at Geneva Show

Infiniti has announced that their sports edition Emerg-E will make its debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The company has released quite a number of teaser photos and videos creating hype about the Emerg-E all over the world.

Infiniti was created in 1989, when Nissan needed a channel to sell premium vehicles that were more appropriate for higher price points.

Their first model, the Q45, was a large luxury sedan that was sold until 2006, while the G35, introduced in 2003, became the G37 and has been credited with reviving the brand.

The FX and EX crossovers are sporty alternatives to European offerings, while the QX56’s luxurious interior hides its hardcore, truck-based platform.

Power will be delivered by an electric motor and petrol range-extender engine will utilize technology that’s new to the brand.

Similar in concept to GM’s Chevrolet/Holden Volt, the Emerg-E will be propelled by its powerful electric motor exclusively, with the petrol engine kicking in only to recharge the batteries when needed.

More precise details are yet to be revealed. The EMERG-E will be unveiled to the public at the 82nd edition Geneva Motor Show on March 6 and Infiniti states that this will be the first car from the brand to have not only a range-extender drivetrain offering vivid performance with zero emissions capability but also one mounted in a mid-ship package for optimal handling.

Various sources mention that the car’s range extender is a 1.2-litre engine but we’ll see whether or not this is the case one the EMERG-E will make its debut.

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