iBamboo iPhone Speaker Gets Recycled Plastic Avatar

In the past, the concept of the iBamboo speaker, specially designed for iPhones, had impressed everybody. It was an attractive perfect solution for boosting the volume of sound coming from the iPhone, just through a bamboo stick. The eco-friendly speaker system is purely made from bamboo, one of the most quickly growing and sustainable wood materials now available.

But the latest news is that the creator of iBamboo is trying another material for giving their speakers a new look. A new version of iBamboo speakers made of recycled plastic is what the company is planning to introduce soon.

The new speakers will be coming in the same size and shape as of the original iBamboo ones. After receiving consumer requests for a plastic version of the iBamboo speakers, the creator started to plan for the new ones made from the recycled plastic which is not so eco-friendly as the bamboo.

iBamboo has revealed that the plastic version will be a complete change from the original. The main two advantages of the plastic iBamboo are that it utilizes the non-degradable plastic effectively without affecting the environment and also allows the users to use the speakers in more extreme conditions.

The new version will be sturdier and less susceptible to damage or defect. Along with the trademark electricity free design, the speakers can be produced in both clear transparent and solid color.

The original wooden iBamboo is an ideal choice for hearing jazz, folk, soft rock and classic music from a docked iPhone. Meanwhile, the new plastic Urban model produces a “more crisp” sound that suits music with sharp percussion.

The iBamboo Urban which is currently in prototype stage is expected to be available at a price of around $30. Along with the plastic iBamboo, the company will be offering bamboo version at that time.

Finally, the company has also reminded that they are looking for consumer feedback so as to mass produce the new iBamboo device.

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