Google Tops Greenest IT Companies List; Pushes Cisco to Second Spot

Google has added another feather to its crown. They are now the toppers among the greenest IT companies list in the world. This was revealed in Greenpeace’s latest Cool IT leader board report that accorded rankings to the world’s largest IT giants and their growth progress.

According to the Greenpeace ranking, Google sits on top of the list with an overall score of 53/100. Just behind Google stands Cisco with 49, while Ericsson and Fujitsu sit with 48 points apiece. Meanwhile, Oracle has a score of 10, followed by TCS and Telefonica with scores of 11.

Greenpeace accords scores on the basis of comparing the technology used by the companies to decrease the world’s green house emissions. Secondly, Greenpeace weighs the performance of the company in promoting publicly and politically in reducing emissions.

Finally, they evaluate the monitoring and managing of the companies’ own emissions footprint. Cisco, the networking company standing second has a self owned smart grid technology which saves energy and reduces emissions.

Google, who was ranked sixth in 2010, has currently replaced Cisco from the first position. They have spent almost a billion dollars for the clean energy projects in 2011. One of the major losers is IBM, which has now skipped to 9th from its 3rd position in 2010.

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