Fossilized Forest Believed to be 298 Million Years Old Unearthed in China

Chinese scientists have discovered a fossilized forest, believed to be approximately 298 million years old. This fossilized forest unearthed under a coal mine near Wuda in northern China is spread across a 10,763 square feet area, and had been protected by volcanic ash released years ago.

(Artist Ren Yugao’s painting of the forest)

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, Shenyang Normal University and Yunnan University worked together on unearthing the forest and they have published their findings in the International Weekly Journal of Science.

According to them the trees found in this fossilized forest look like feather dusters and trunk with twice the height of telephone cables.

Remains of small spore bearing trees have also been found, which scientists think, are close relatives of the earliest ferns.

The team found the trees of yore with leaves, branches and stumps that have been marvelously preserved.

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