Ever Tried Eco-Driving? Help Mother Nature Smile

Are you concerned about how fuel guzzling machines are ruining the planet? If yes, you should be reading this. Here are some tips for you to make sure every drive of yours is eco-friendly. And, adhering to these can probably produce significant results for the planet and may be in your driving behavior too. Okay here goes:

We suggest you need to stay cool when you are behind the wheel. It will not only help reduce fuel consumption, but also cut down pollution. One second of high powered driving can produce the same level of carbon monoxide as 30 minutes of normal driving. Got it?

Always remember that you are not an F1 racer while you are on the highway or neighborhood street. Please try and slow down to around 65mph and thus help cut pollution levels and also increase fuel efficiency of your vehicle up to 10%.  Make sure you are using the highest possible gear while driving. Thus your car’s engine speed goes down – and so does fuel use, harmful carbon dioxide emissions and engine wear.

Plan your trips well ahead. Remember to plan all errands in a single trip. It will reduce pollution and fuel use too. Check air pressure of the tyres on a monthly basis. When it’s time to replace your tyres, consider switching to low-rolling-resistance sets that will improve gas mileage.

Use an eco friendly service station that recycles and safely disposes fuel. Don’t hesitate to ask your mechanic to use eco- friendly recycled oil.  Spilled gas evaporates into smog and can leak into groundwater. When you’re finished filling up, be sure you tighten your gas cap – you can save much gallons.

Always try to park your car in the shade. It not only helps you avoid feeling like you’ve entered a hot oven, but also helps minimize evaporation of fuel.

Now here’s something more important. Are you aware of the fact that when you leave your car at home just two days a week, you’ll help to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1,500 pounds a year? So try doing that whenever you can. Walking, cycle or take the mass transport the government provides for you. We are sure you’ll make a big difference in your health and for the planet you live in.

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