Electric Xenon Lightcycle to Fight Many Battles for the Environment

Here comes another alternative to protect our environment from hazards of vehicle emissions. This time, we fight for environment’s cause with a vehicle named the Electric Xenon “Lightcycle” a design from motorcycle manufacturer Evolve. This is lithium powered automobile, which can boast zero emission characteristics.

This initiative seems wonderful and targeted at the right spot where pollution occurs most. Motorcycle assumes a major portion of world’s automobile sector. And, if scientists could introduce something greener in motorcycles, it surely would be feather in their cap. Now it seems they got a golden feather.

But sorry to say, the lightcycle costs around $55K, which is unaffordable for most of us. But those who can afford to pay must get one. Because by doing so, you are taking part in a combine journey to make this world a wonderful place to live in.

One of the lightcycles moved to Global Green Pre-Oscar Party for auction, with lots of big pockets present. Adrian Grenier, Ed Begley Jr., Rosario Dawson, Maggie Grace, Mia Maestro and Nick Carter are among the celebs.

Organizers hoped to raise fund for Global Green’s ‘National Green Schools’ initiative from the event. In the meantime, you would see the launch of Global Green’s campaign for the Rio Earth Summit in June.

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