Eco-friendly Fabrics Designed by 11-Year-Old are a Hit

Normally at the age of 11, children are confused as to what to wear and how to wear. But here, a smart little girl is designing dresses and selling them through her own online company. Maya Penn, an 11-year-old girl entrepreneur from the metro Atlanta area designs clothes. This has been her passion since childhood.

These dresses are eco-friendly and handmade .She is the CEO and owner of her online company, named Maya’s Ideas. After joining the online crafts store Etsy in 2007, she came up with the ideas of her own shop.

The pre-teen entrepreneur is now a small celebrity. In an interview with FOX 5 Atlanta, this home-schooled seventh grader fromGeorgiasaid that she loves to create new items and it is really fun.

She also added that whenever she is not studying, she spends her time in her studio.  She loves to find fabrics from household items, with which she can create newer ideas.

She is gaining more popularity through her blog where she writes about her experiences and about her love for animation. She was recently featured in the list of talented school grade entrepreneurs.

A talented entrepreneur, she is socially conscious too. As much as 10% of what she earns go to Atlanta charities and global relief organizations.

She likes to make people happy with her items, but knows that not everyone could afford it. So she tries to make them happy through donations. Head here to know more about Maya and her ideas.

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