Around 500 Pachyderms Shot Down in Cameroon Park in Just 2 Months

An armed gang of Sudanese and Chadian poachers have reportedly killed nearly 500 elephants for their tusks. The incident happened at the Bouba national park in Cameroon, where elephants roam free. The figures may be said to be underestimated, as the park covers almost 540,000 acres and it is not easy get the actual amount.

The killers, armed with machine guns and operating in gangs, had been roaming around the park over the past two months and went about shooting down the hapless animals.

It is believed that loads of ivory are smuggled into the Asian market, where ornaments and other showpieces made of elephant tusks are a rage.

An International Fund for Animal Welfare official, Celine Sissler Bienvenu, has been quoted as saying that poachers crossing Sudan and killing elephants for ivory have turned common these days. However, this time around, the massacre has been massive.

Bouba Ndjida National Park officials said they found many elephant calves abandoned and concerns were high that the babies may soon die of hunger and thirst.

It is also being speculated that the killers are still in the park. A massive hunt has been launched and it would take a while more to know whether more pachyderm carcasses have been found in the unexplored regions of the national park.

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