Amazing Eco-friendly Resort in Vietnam’s Rainforest

How about staying in a resort entirely made of environment-friendly material and located in a rain forest? If you are wondering what we are talking about, welcome to a 125 square meter long eco-lodge situated in the heart of the Cat Tien National Park, Ta Li Village in Vietnam.

This eco friendly bamboo house is sponsored by World Wildlife Fund in order to enhance eco-tourism and to expand local and global awareness of the rainforest.

It is an adventure resort overlooking virgin forests and absorbing the culture and history of the S’Tieng and Ma minority groups.

Here you can get a first hand feel of the natural life of the local community. With four separate rooms, this resort can accommodate up to 25 visitors. It provides economic alternatives to the local people and thus they get benefits from the natural resources.

Therefore, this type of community tourism helps to reduce deforestation and will create awareness among the local people to preserve the region’s natural and economic value.

The local residents receive training in interacting with tourists and in cooking various types of dishes.

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