Wings in Search of Love Use Data from Social Environment

Choosing a mate is indeed a difficult process for birds as it is in the case of humans. Female birds determine their mates through many aspects like songs, courtship dances and colorful plumage that are graded as their genetic features.

However, the females of the species are well aware of the facts of their social environment which could help them to maximize their reproduction. According to a demonstration by Frederique Dubois, professor at the University of Montreal, Department of Biological Sciences, most of the female Zebra Finches are fond of choosing an experienced mate. This is referred to as an imitation and a process of using “public information”.

If the breeding fails, she will prefer another male who has succeeded in producing a large number of off springs.

Females spent more time with and give more preference to their partners who produce two to five off springs. From this it is clear that the female Zebra Finches have the ability to use the social information and choose their mates based on their color of beak, song and plumage.

Zebra Finches usually breed under unfavorable conditions and are able to survive in extreme temperature and are resistant to diseases.

Since all of them reproduce at the same time, they can easily observe the success and failure of other couples, according to Dubois. Every season the couple change, but both female as well as male take part in the feeding. It has also been pointed out that the result could be used to study more on the breeding process and why it doesn’t lead to divorce in other monogamous bird species.

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