Volvo 7700 Hybrid Bus to Add a Tint of Green to Bangalore Roads

Promising to change the face of the city, the Volvo 7700 hybrid bus that was showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012 will soon be hit the metro roads of Bangalore in India. The Karnataka government has stated that the hybrid bus would have a two-month trial run in the city, which thereby would determine its road performance.

The Volvo 7700 hybrid, known as the only commercially viable hybrid bus in the market, has the capability to save about 35% of fuel in an urban district like Bangalore.

The low-floor bus comprises a diesel engine and an electric motor that acts both as a motor and a generator which automatically gets recharged while driving and braking.

When the bus stops, the diesel engine shuts off ensuring zero emission. It also boasts less CO2 emissions compared with the other buses. This could help urban traffic to beat environmental challenges in a big way.

The hybrid Volvo also sports lithium ion battery cells, that help in huge energy storage capacity and thus make it run anywhere without the climate against it.

This environment-friendly hybrid buses are currently on the roads of around 20 cities across the world.

The first model to implement green technology, this105-seater coach could make Bangalore calling for more.

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