Two Go Basket-Seat Combo for Bicycles is Green Design Non Pareil

A basket and seat combo? It sounded weird when I first heard about it. But then, it is true. Israeli designer Yael Livneh has come up with a unique design for a bicycle’s back seat, and it can be used as a basket when you are riding alone.

‘Two Go’ by Yael Livneh from Israel is one of the shortlisted design entries from more than 3000 participants in the Designboom Competition, ‘Seoul Cycle Design 2010′, organized in collaboration with Seoul Design Foundation.

By adding a few simple joinery parts, a used milk crate is repurposed as a second bike seat which can also be modified to turn in to a riding basket.

‘Two Go’ is designed for people who like to build their own things, for the average DIY consumer.

It is designed using only the basic tools, common joinery parts and other materials that can be found in every DIY retail shops.

In a fast growing world with vehicles exceeding the speed of 200 miles per hour are there in the streets, this might seem to be an invention having no commercial value.

But the truth is that the increased pollution rates have come to an alarming stage and usage of bicycles is an alternative which could be thought of.

In the near future there is even a chance of bicycles being the main mode of transportation.

So as a pre-foundation for riding in style, this innovation is worthy than it seems to be at this point of time.


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