Tweety Phone Tweets When the Birds Fly In

‘B-Squares’ is a name now popular all over the world thanks to the innovations they have brought into various electronic products. The latest B-Squares product enables you to get tweets whenever a bird visits your bird cage. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

B-Squares Electrics was born in January 2011 when inventors Jordan McRae and Shawn Frayne sat down together to find a solution to a simple question:  How can we build a better solar battery charger?

Their design constraints were that the system had to be easy to use, low cost, designed for manufacture, and allow the user to gradually build up their charging system, increasing the energy harvesting and storage capabilities over time.

Within 24 hours they had their first prototypes; a modular electronics system using magnetic contacts.  It became immediately apparent that what they created was more than just a battery charger; it was a new and exciting way of thinking about the design of electronic systems altogether.

To demonstrate the power behind this new design, six initial B-Squares units were developed and fully prototyped: The Solar-Square for energy harvesting, the Battery-Square for energy storage, the LED-Square for lighting applications, the Proto-Square as a prototyping tool, the Arduino-Square for microcomputer functionality, and the Dock-Square to interface with iPhones and Android smartphones. Idea-wise, the application they have made possible by the use of an optical sensor coupled with the microcontroller in making us aware of a bird visitor is simply amazing.

Here’s how they made it:

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