Tesla Roadster Gets Upgraded for Markets Outside the US

It is nice to hear that there are upgrades being done on Tesla Roadster but it is definitely sad news for the people in the US as they won’t be able to enjoy these upgrades. The Tesla Roadster is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) sports car produced by the electric car firm Tesla Motors in California. The Roadster was the first highway-capable all-electric vehicle in serial production available in the United States.

Since 2008, Tesla has sold more than 2,100 Roadsters in 31 countries through December 2011. The updated Roadsters now come in a choice of “exclusive” colors – Cosmic Black, Galactic Gray and Magma Orange with coordinated interiors.

Mindful of the Central and Northern European climate, a rear snow cover along with improved motor and inverter systems provide even better traction and handling in inclement weather.

Contrastingly, the air conditioning system has been upgraded for driving in the squalid dry season of the Australian Outback. Xenon headlamps have been added for improved visibility at night and new windshield seals quiet the interior even more.

This would not even be a concern if the motor was not so whisper quiet. Recharging has been made quicker and more versatile for charging in Europe and Japan with two new Mobile Connectors available for The Tesla IEC Type 2 (Mennekes)MobileConnector.

The first allows owners to recharge from Type 2 stations and outlets, commonly available in Europe. Additionally, the J1772 Mobile Connector enables charging from a rapidly developing infrastructure of public J1772 charging stations inJapan.

Updated Roadsters are available now in Europe, Asia and Australia, while they last. It is with a heavy heart we see the trailblazing and visionary Roadster fade from availability in the US, though.

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