Sony Bravia 3D TV Line Up Paints Green All Over

I still remember the day my dad bought a TV for our home. It was about 10 years ago and the factors he was concerned about the purchase were the value for money, screen size and of course the brand name. But time has changed everything and now the key concern is about the additional features a specific model has over other models.

Sony knows how to stay ahead of the game and they prove it every now and then. The latest news from the TV giant is a new product line consisting of Bravia series televisions having 3D compatibility along with ecofriendliness.

When Sony says ecofriendliness, what they are intending is that their models consume less power along with providing the user with a less heated up device after long hours of entertainment. 3D functionality and Bravia’s high definition screen are popular even among 4 year olds and so I’m not going into that.

Sony has also advanced to take up some measures that could touch our hearts. They ship all their TVs in boxes that are tiny and thin as possible, reducing the amount of cardboard used to transport their TVs.

These also helps in reducing the average runs of trucks as in one run, more TVs can be transported. Significant reduction in energy consumption is made possible by the innovative mercury free backlighting of the Bravia series which also features a presence sensor detector that helps the TV to turn off automatically if no one is watching it.

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