Solar Shower is Now a Low-Cost Eco-Friendly Tech Gadget

Taking a nice warm shower daily is a big thing now-a-days as there are thousands of people all around the world who aren’t getting any water even to drink. Irish designer Michael Kilbane has developed a very impressive low-tech concept for an affordable solar-heated shower, using low cost materials readily available in the developing world.

Kilbane makes it simple by using a 5-gallon water jug which is painted black, a rope, a simple pulley system and a shower tray or basin.

The heat from the sun is tapped with the aid of black paint by water. With a pressure release valve at the top to put an end to the water flow, the shower head incorporates forty eight 2mm holes punched in the bottom of the water jug.

As long as the valve is closed, the holes are small enough to prevent water from leaking out. At a rate of 1400ml per minute, it takes only 16 minutes to shower us up in warm water after the valve is opened.

According to Kilbane, the shower improves personal hygiene, is easy to use and makes smart use of limited water supplies in the developing world. Kilbane also tells the world to take this up as a business as this can be done successfully with even the local labors.

This indeed is a practical innovation and we think people all over the world will accept it as a viable solution to the energy crisis.

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