Solar ATMs Set to Revolutionize India Banking

An Indian start-up is preparing an eco-friendly revolution by designing, developing and installing unique solar-powered ATMs for rural areas. The initial project of 400 solar ATMs, named Gramateller (‘gram’ means village), the world’s largest order, placed by the State Bank of India ( SBI), are currently winning laurels for performance and significant energy savings.


With the mission of helping banks reach out profitably to unbanked & under-banked regions, and years of R & D that was supported by IIT Madras, Vortex has designed ATMs which are highly reliable, rugged, easy to use and eco-friendly.

They consume up to 90% lesser power and hence can be economically operated using solar power. Vortex ATMs are currently serving even in the remotest parts of ruralIndia, using technology as a medium to improve quality of life.

Vortex’s innovative ATM portfolio comprises Gramateller Indi ATM, Gramateller Duo ATM, and solar power options for both these models. Additionally, the company provides related software solutions to help banks roll out end-to-end ATM services.

The company has been selected as one among the 10 start-ups that will change your life by TIME magazine, is one among 31 visionary companies selected as Technology Pioneers 2011 by World Economic Forum, and was a finalist of the Wall Street Journal Asia Innovation Awards 2010.

Because of the low power consumption design, the heat generated by Vortex ATM is also negligible. It uses components that can operate under temperatures of up to 50°C and the low power consumption of Vortex ATMs according to the company makes it viable to cost-effectively operate on solar power.

Vortex also offers a grid connected hybrid option where mains power can be used to charge the battery; ready for the regular blackouts that occur in some parts of India.

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