Recycled Materials Turn Play Structures for Rural Indian School Kids

The Right to Education (RTE) act in India proclaims the right of children between the age of six and fourteen to get free education. Village schools in rural India play a vital role in promoting the government scheme of free and compulsory education, as warranted by RTE. What would surprise you is the fact that students in village schools are comparatively innovative, since they are devoid of many services that the urban public school have, and they have to find them for themselves.

Artist Shilpa Joglekar, while visiting some of the village schools in Maharashtra, a western India state, has now come up with designs of play-structures constructed out of scrap materials.

The kids had got no place to play, so they used some junkyard materials and recycled them to wonderful structures to fit into their play area.

Many children in the tribal areas ofMaharashtraare left with their grandparents, when their parents go to distant lands in search of jobs. During the day time, these children go to school, and spend much of their time there.

The toys are made by teachers, with an aim to attract children to school. It is a wonderful tactic to get the children to study; otherwise they wouldn’t even think of going to school.

Joglekar picked up structures made of worn-out tires, slides, and metal pipes and put them as structures that will let the kids play. This Indian story has structures that suggest the rural population is keener to make the world greener – much more than what the urban beings do.

We guess it is time to count on our dear rural brethren to build a world where generations to come could live in. What say, folks?

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