Ravishing Castle Made of Junk is a Fascinating Idea

How many times have you spared a second look at the scraps piled outside your backyard or your city? Has it ever occurred to you that those ‘useless’ things could possibly contain useful things? May be not! But in the eyes of Vic Moore, a high school teacher, those junkyard scraps are nothing less than warehouses that hold inventories for making beautiful and eye-catching castles.  His Junk-Castle proves it!

Junk-Castle is a magnificent building, but made of all scraps, located in Washington. The vibrancy and the spires of this building might make you feel that you are admiring at another Disney castle! But watch out, the building you are viewing is not made up of shining bricks, but junkyard scraps.

Vic Moore made this building for his Master of Fine Arts thesis in the year 1970. He made use of all kinds of scraps he could find at the Whitman County dump. Discarded washing machine parts, bedsteads, dryer doors, tins etc were some among his inventories for this building. He even used a door of a 1952 Oldsmobile car, which he unearthed from that huge pile.

The county authorities, then, were against the idea of constructing an unorthodox building. However, they couldn’t block the construction of castle as it was built for less than $500.

With passage of time, the news about this castle spread around the world and as a result, tourists started flowing in to view this magnificent piece of work. However, Moore was not comfortable with the idea of having too many visitors to his charming castle. He was very reluctant to even talk about the castle to anyone, as he didn’t want to draw much attention from strangers.

Sure, it’s worth visiting that place. But if you wish not to bother  Moore, then you can have a look at some of the pictures of that beautiful castle here. At least, next time when you see the scraps outside, you might not have that same outlook, you had before reading this, towards it!


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