Polaris Electric Vehicles to hit the Indian Tarmac Soon

Polaris, the transroader vehicle maker that acquired Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) from Chrysler last year, may start selling electric vehicles in India. The nation has proved to be to be a worthy market over the past few months and this could be the reason that have spurred the notion among the board of directors of Polaris to devise their vehicle launches in India.

As Polaris India Managing Director Pankaj Dubey puts it, “Once we launch the electric cars, we will decide whether it will be on the road or off-road vehicle. The products are ready for the international market. Issues like infrastructure, battery and other problems are there”.

The utility car segment which includes vehicles designed for operating in mines and fulfilling other industrial needs will be the target segment on which Polaris India will be stepping foot at first. This could be because it will boost the company revenue as well as provide the most important attribute that an automobile company needs inIndia- Reputation.

Francebased Goupil Industrie SA, which makes commercial electric vehicles was acquired by Polaris in last November. This will be helping the EV launches inIndiafor Polaris as they will only need to design changes with engine alterations suited to Indian road and weather conditions for their new models which will be releasing there soon.

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