Nite Ize BioCase is Greener than Any Case You Would Find for Your iPhone

There have been some instances in my life where my dad had instructed me to avoid plastic so that my future generations can live without any ailment whatsoever. Knowing the significance of his words and of course inspired by it, I decided to go on the ‘eco-drive’ of my life. And, the latest I found is the BioCase marketed by Nite Ize for my iPhone as I wanted no compromise over quality or eco-friendliness.

These BioCases are flexible iPhone cases made from GD P.U.R.E. Bio Resin, also known as GDH-B1. Produced in theAmerica, it is an elastomer like no other thing I have ever seen yet.

This material was the very first to get certified 100% organic and was able to break down completely at the end of its life cycle. Impressively, the substance has been enhanced so that the Nite Ize BioCase can perform as an effective and durable cell phone cover for as long as you will need it.

I haven’t been able to assess the value of this piece of material until I looked upon the internet about the pollution caused by the non-decomposable materials including plastic all over the world.

This tiny innovation could give us a boost in mitigating the environmental problems to a great extent and the bio covers are indeed good looking which is absolutely a secondary advantage.

Would you want to go for this? Head here to pre-order.

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