Nissan Sells 10,000th Leaf in the US; Readying EVs for Next Phase

Nissan has reached a new landmark in the US. At the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, the company revealed that they have sold 10,000th Leaf in the country. This all-electric car attained this sales record in just over a year time and still to reach 50 states. An excited Brendan Jones, the Leaf’s marketing and sales strategist for Nissan North America, gushed that 2011 was a great and positive year from the Leaf perspective.

In the US, the Leaf sales number reached 10,000, whereas 20,000 was the global number. Leaf is expected to be made available in the whole US by March 2012. The Leaf has an official EPA range of 73 miles.

Carlos Ghosn, Nissan-Renault Alliance chairman and CEO commented that this record has given a new face for the Leaf and electric vehicles in the public. He revealed that following the Leaf, Nissan and Infiniti is planning to introduce three more EVs in the coming years.

The vehicles are eNV200 van, unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, Infiniti EV set to display in New Yorkand an unnamed one.

Joe Castelli, VP of commercial vehicles and fleet for Nissan North America stated that after the release of eNV200 (pictured alongside), the commercial vehicle will make its global launch in 2014.

The two main supporting factors for the eNV200 are: the fast evolution of the plug-in vehicle infrastructure and the increasing gas prices.

Talking on the fourth vehicle, Mark Perry, a Castelli and Nissan spokesman hinted that the next one will be coming in the EV class, so that they can maintain their leadership in the zero-emission vehicles market.

Since the Leaf is a vehicle purpose-built to hit the middle of the mass market and Infiniti is the luxury division, they are targeting the commercial section. The new EVs are rumored be a customized with many features such as Siri, the voice recognition feature in iPhones and software assistance.

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