NASA Study Says 2011 was Ninth Warmest Year since Late 1800s

Global warming might be the mostly used phrase by environmentalists around the globe since a couple of decades. This might be the most distressing phenomena for people like you, who are aware of its dreadfulness. The global temperature rises to a new height as each year passes.

Lately, NASA has published data that shows that 2011 was the ninth warmest year since they started recording Earth’s Global Average Surface Temperature in the late 1800s.

Another significant fact in relation to the data is, out of the ten warmest years, nine occurred after 2000 and the other is 1998.

In comparison with the mid-average temperature in 20th century, the temperature in 2011 is 0.51°C more. Also, 2010 and 2005 are the warmest years on the record, and temperature in 2011 is just 0.12°C lower than that in those years.

Eco-warriors all across the world are in a state of panic at this data, and they know no way to combat the rise in mercury level, other than lowering the green-house gas emission.

Many prominent scientists have come up with their statements regarding the recent NASA study results. Dr. James Hansen, Director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies said that the condition is a result of the planet absorbing more energy than it is emitting.

That is the reason we see rise in temperature even in with the cooling currents of La Nina, and lesser solar activity from several years back.

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