Jessica Alba Goes ‘Honest’; Doesn’t Want Stardom This Time

Celebrity actress and green activist Jessica Alba has co-founded a new website aimed at letting parents know what ingredients and chemicals are used in baby food, diapers and accessories. The actress has teamed up The Honest Company’s Brian Lee to create, which launched on the 17th of January.

Alba’s  new website will offer parents advice and information about how to avoid potentially harmful products.

The website, named, is aimed at providing the parents with safe and non-toxic baby products – including diapers, cleansers and creams.

Christopher Gavigan, is the cofounder of this website and he is the former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, and the author of the book ‘Healthy Child Healthy World’.

Alba’s genuine concern for babies and Gavigan’s experience together will profoundly establish a foundation for the successful running of the website.


Another noteworthy fact about the website is that the entrepreneurs behind it wanted a part of the profit to flow toward charitable activities.  Alba and Gavigan realize that not everyone can afford a personalized subscription service and so the website has partnered with Baby2Baby to help provide for families in need.

For every product purchased, the website donates time, money and products to the organization, and hopes to include even more charities to their list of beneficiaries.

Don’t you think this is a laudable initiative?

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