Japanese Artist Creates Visual Bliss of Nature Through Layered Drawings

Our lifestyle has become so modern and fast that we, most often, perceive things only in short terms and get disconnected from continuities or changes around us. In an attempt to enlighten the human mind, which is deprived of such visual bliss of continuities because of the modern perception of their mind, a Japanese artist, Nobuhiro Nakanishi, has tried to create a visual experience to human eyes and come up with a series of Layered Drawings depicting the beauty of nature.

Layered Drawings is a series of images put one after the other in sequences to represent a change or changes over a period of time. Nakanishi took photographs of different landscapes and objects over a period of time and laser printed it. He mounted those images on acrylic sheets set in a row to create a visual feast to the viewers.

The artist then layered the photographs in installations to allow every images to be perceived individually and as a whole, thus making time and change merge into a single extravagant experience where viewers can enjoy the nature at its best indoors.

Nakanishi, in addition to creating horizontal art forms, also constructed sinuous layered curves of his images, which let viewers consider different viewpoints of the same story.

The Winding arrangements of these landscape photos also throw light upon an entirely different concept about time.

It might make you wonder whether all these changes take place in a straight line one after another or as a part of timeless cycles that rebound upon themselves!

We suggest you find it out yourself and experience that beautiful feeling! You may take a look at the work of Nobuhiro Nakanishi at Galerie Kashya Hildebrand and see it yourself. Also, do let us know what you feel about it.

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