How About a Lawn on Your Dining Table? picNYC Real Grass Table is Here

Oh wow, how about returning to the grassy meadows for a breakfast. If you are urban being, chances are that you might find that a tough proposition. Don’t get dejected as yet, though.  Dutch designer Haiko Cornelissen has come up with something that looks like a grassland recreated – right on your dining table!

Christened picNYC, the new green creation is a table with real grass growing on it. Skilfully made out of a structure in folded lightweight aluminium, the table has space to hold soil, pebbles that help in draining water and of course nice lush green grass on it.

Once you have one for your home, you can’t sit idle, of course. You may have to do some gardening to keep the grass healthy, trimmed and sun-fed. You can make use of excess water in your drinking glasses to water the grass on a regular basis too so that the grass grows healthily well.

You may even look at planting small herbs or shrubs too to make your dining table even greener. Take a look at the images we have for you and we are sure the urban being in you would want one of those tables.


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